So the day has finally arrived you have just received your lovely new Turkish towel and you're ready to jump in the shower and try it out. Well, we feel ya and as much as we want you using and falling in love with our amazing products there are just a few things you need to do to get the most out of your new Collie and Co Turkish towel.

But first, you need to understand your new bestie. Turkish towels are made from tightly woven long-staple cotton, which is what gives them their durability and also why they get softer over time.

When you first receive your towel though it may feel a little stiff as the cotton is still in a pure form. To begin the softening process, your towel needs to go through the process we lovingly refer to as Blooming!

To bloom your towel all you need to do is put a small amount of cold water into your bathtub or laundry sink. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the water and mix well. The vinegar will help to cleanse and open up the cotton fibres of your new towel. Place your Turkish Towel in the tub and be sure it is completely submerged. 

Let your new Turkish Towel soak overnight in the vinegar water mix, we recommend 10-12 hours but anything up to 24 hours will not harm your towel. While you're getting your beauty sleep the water and vinegar will be opening up the fibres of the cotton ensuring maximum absorbency and softness, for your bathing pleasure!


**Don't be alarmed if you see some excess colour residue releasing into the water when blooming a tie-dyed towel. This is completely normal and will not change the overall look of your towel. 

Once your towel has been bloomed just wring it out by hand and put it straight into the washing machine for a quick wash cycle. Remember minimal washing powder is required. Once your towel has been washed just simply hang it on the line to dry.

Remember heat can damage the fibres of your towel so we recommend avoiding the tumble dryer. Don't worry, you'll be amazed at how fast these babies dry on the line. Especially on a warm sunny day. 

We usually say it can take up to another 4 washes for your Turkish Towel to reach it's preferred absorbency and softness and it will continue to become softer over a lifetime of use.

Next step jump in that shower and enjoy!

Sounds simple right... Ok! So what comes next...

Let's talk about how to care for your towel day-to-day.

Another great benefit of Turkish towels is that they don’t like a lot of fussing over in the laundry. Bleach, fabric softeners and too much detergent are all big no no's when it comes to washing. These things can make your towel feel rough and become less absorbent over time.

If you want to give your towel some extra loving you can add a cup of vinegar to your wash cycle once a month, this will help remove any built-up detergent residue and keep your towel fresh, soft and super absorbent.

Let's talk fringe or tassels dependent on which Turkish towel you have purchased.

Many of our towels come with lovely tasselled edges. These tassels are hand-tied by artisans in Turkey. You may find over time and use one of them becomes undone.

No need to stress, it's a quick fix. We promise!

Simply separate the threads into two equal sections and twist each section in a clockwise direction. Once tight twist the two sections together in the opposite direction. Then simply tie a knot at the end of the tassel to secure in place. Voila good as new!

It is also a good idea over the life of your towel to now and then just check your knots to make sure they are still nice and tight. Any that have slipped a little or seem loose just need a little tug to tighten them back up.

What’s that you say, your towel got caught on something and pulled a thread.

No need to stress about that either. Try simply pulling your towel in all directions around the loose thread to try and work the thread back into the towel. Yes! just like you would when you catch a snag on your favourite knitted jumper.

Can't seem to work the loose thread back in, that's ok too. Just very carefully cut off the piece of thread that is sticking out. You can leave it as is or gently pull out the thread, your towel is a flat loomed weave so this will not cause a hole to form.

Another super helpful tip is to avoid washing your Turkish towel with items that have zippers or hooks to help eliminate any catches or snags. 

So that's the Tea ladies and gents these beauties are simple and easy to care for, require very little work and will streamline your laundry routine and linen cupboards.

If you follow this advice you and your new Collie and Co Turkish Towel will be besties for years to come. 

Much Love

Collie and Co xo

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