It’s hard to believe it when you look around you these days that once upon a time we lived a life free of plastic. Yet it was only a century and a half ago that the first synthetic polymers were being created and the last 50 years or so that have seen such an increase in the demand and use of plastic, that it has changed the way we live our lives, and in the process saturated our world.

Needing replacements for limited resources as the population grew the plastic revolution began. For the first time, the human race was able to manufacture goods as they needed without the restrictions of available natural resources such as wood, metal and stone.

As the need and want for plastic items took off more and more companies began investing in the creation of new types of plastics for a variety of uses.

By the 1960s the shine had started to rub off the multi-use marvel that was plastic when a new generation of people began to pay attention to the ever-increasing list of environmental issues, one of which was the ever-increasing amount of plastic waste that was making its way into our oceans.

To this day one of the ultimate visual representations of the problem that is "Single-Use Plastics" is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating island of waste double the size of Texas.


This is an informative video by Project GreenBag linked here about the Pacific Garbage Patch and just how desperate this situation is 

As the plastics industry continued to cop criticism over the sheer quantity of goods being thrown away and the fact that plastic practically lasts forever in the environment, it offered recycling as a solution. This has hardly been the silver bullet to the problem and we all know that the majority of plastic still makes its way to landfill taking hundreds if not thousands of years to break down and in the process contaminating the soil with microplastics.

The industry also began to feel the pressure of growing fears about the long term health effects caused by the leaching of additives such as BPA into our food from plastic food containers.

In the last decade, there has been a major push to address some of the mounting problems our dependence on plastic has created. Stores moving away from single-use plastic bags was a great step in the right direction, however, there are still so many mountains left to climb. Fighting to remove plastics from our world is a long term goal that may unfortunately never be reached, the creation of more and more eco-friendly plastic replacements. However, is empowering us as consumers to make choices on how we use our resources.

The next stride forward is the creation of more sustainable and safe plastics to replace what we do use, and believe us companies are listening and these products are out there.

For us at Collie and Co being a part of this revolution was one of our highest priorities. Not only as individuals do we choose to say no to "Single-Use Plastic" but we have also chosen to take the few simple steps we all can take day-to-day to start making a difference.

Say no to plastic, bring your own cutlery whenever you're eating out, absolutely no single-use straws we always carry a reusable straw in our bags. We take keep-a-cups with us where ever we go and last but definitely not least, absolutely no plastic water bottles. I like to carry around an awesome hydro-flask bottle. It keeps my water cold and tastes better than plastic. 

As an eCommerce business, it was also extremely important for us to be present in this plastic revolution. The amount of waste created daily by the online shopping industry is a growing problem that has a clear and current solution. Just a Google search away you can find many packaging companies that are now creating a compostable, biodegradable option for businesses and we happened to find a gem called “The Better Packaging Co”.

You may have noticed the nifty little bag loudly proclaiming to be a real dirtbag when you received your order of Turkish Towels. These are plant-based bags, that feel and behave just like the everyday postage bags you are used too.  Except when it comes time to throw them away.

The Better Packaging Co bags are completely biodegradable with no toxic residue and do not create micro-plastics, they can simply be composted at home in your compost bin or worm farm. The bags take around 6 months to fully break down with the help of all the industrious microorganisms working in a compost system. Even when not composted the bags will still break down completely, it may just take a little longer. This makes these bags the best choice in our books.

If you're interested in more of the science behind this marvellous creation pop over to The Better Packaging Co site, it's packed full of info about this great company and their products.

Being environmentally conscious is a passion for us at Collie and Co, we are always striving to make our world a better place and hope you will join us on our mission.

Much love

Collie and Co xo

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