Collie and Co is the passion project of two sisters from The Beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia. The inspiration behind this brand is to live a sustainable and healthy life, while not having to sacrifice the little pleasure we seek to fill our homes and hearts with love.

Both sisters have a passion for healthy living and fitness and all of our products have been created with these core values in mind. This boss girl sister duo has experienced life in vastly different ways but has come together to bring their passions and dreams to life.

Our Busy Mumma Mel.

Mel is a stay at home mum raising 3 beautiful girls. She knows exactly what is needed to keep a tip-top home and has a passion for sustainable living. Our Turkish towels have streamlined Mel's linen cupboard and have cut her wash and dry time in half, seeing how her 3 little angels still haven’t figured out how to hang up their towels.
It was really important for Mel to create something practical and beautiful needing things to not just look pretty hanging in her home but also to function well. Each piece has been created with the busy mum in mind and has been personally tested by our busy Mumma. Mel knows exactly how tough the mummy juggle can be and just how precious your time is.
Creating Collie and Co has been a dream in the making for a long time and we can guarantee you, love, sweat and tears have gone into the making of this beautiful brand.

Charli the Wanderlust Seeker.

Charli the younger sibling of this sister duo is a wanderer, an explorer and someone who wants to change the world. She has spent many years travelling the globe gathering inspiration to create uniquely beautiful pieces. Amercing herself in other cultures has broadened her horizons and open her mind to different ways of living, this is all reflected in each Collie and Co creation.

Living out of a backpack has taught her how to be a minimalist and she knows the value of items that function well and take up little space. She also didn’t want to have to sacrifice style for functionality. Our Turkish towels have been created with the adventurer in mind and they have been tried, tested and true on many of Charli’s adventures.

Travelling has also bought to light a lot of environmentalism problem in Charli’s mind. Her goal is to help protect the planet and every creature that walks on it.

Our Core Values...

Keeping these values in mind both sisters have a strong desire to minimise their carbon footprint and to create a sustainable company with as little impact on the earth as possible.
All Collie and Co towels are created using 100% organic Turkish cotton and dyes. We minimise single-use plastic as much as possible, you will notice all our packaging is created with 100% recycled paper. We choose to ship our products in 100% compostable shipping bags, with no excess packaging.
You can even feed them to the worms if you like, and you know for a fact these compost bags won’t end up sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years.
It's our pledge to you that we’ll always consider the planet in every decision that Collie and Co makes. If you want to know more about our journey follow us on insta!
Much Love
Collie and Co xo
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